Church Ministries

Preaching Ministry

Biblical preaching is the cornerstone of the church. Salem Baptist Church is blessed with pastors who refuse to compromise the integrity of the Word of God, who preach with passion and holy fire, and truly believe in the truths of the Scriptures. For more information on the preaching/pastoral ministry, call Dr. Charles Holland at 864-361-1659.


Music Ministry

Salem Baptist Church is blessed with a very talented music ministry. Our worship consists of traditional hymns, choir specials, instrumental solos by piano and organ, and special music from various singers. For more information on the music ministry, call Gerald Rice at 864-225-0779.


Childrens Ministry

Our Childrens Ministry is growing. Childrens Director, Kylie Bridges, has lots of activities and changes in store for the coming year.  For more information on our childrens ministry, call Kylie Bridges at 864-556-3343.


C.I.A.                           Covered In Armor

Yes, this is our youth group and we are having fun, stuffing our face, and most importantly, studying Gods Word. Join us every Wednesday night from 6pm-7pm and hear what you are missing. Our youth leaders work hard to stay level and relevant with the teens without compromising on the truth of God's Word. For more information on the youth program, call:864-844-9300



Salem Baptist Church participates in the Brotherhood, a ministry designed specifically for the men of the church. Men are called to be the spiritual leaders of the church, and we take that calling very seriously. The Brotherhood has a monthly breakfast to discuss and address needs of the church family. For more information on Brotherhood, call: 864-844-9300


Women's Missionary Union (WMU)

Salem Baptist Church participates in the Women's Missionary Union, or WMU. This ministry is designed specifically for the women of the church. The WMU is very mission-minded, doing projects like Prisoner Packets and helping under-privileged children. They are the backbone of missions for Salem Baptist Church. For more information on the WMU, call: 864-844-9300 


Disciples of Yeshua Motorcycle Ministry

Salem Baptist Church is honored to welcome the Disciples of Yeshua to our church family. This motorcycle ministry is a great witness to many people who would never hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ under normal circumstances. The Disciples of Yeshua meet in the basement of the church for worship and Bible studies. For more information on the Disciples of Yeshua, call Ron Burdette at 864-617-0713.


Outreach Ministry

Our visitation ministry is integral to Salem Baptist Church. We believe in meeting people where they are instead of waiting for them to come to us. We go out into our communities, often doing door-to-door evangelism. For more information on our Outreach Ministry, call James Moore at 864-226-3605.